In an effort to help fight against Covid-19, Noble Uniforms is Retooling our local manufacturing capabilities to offer personal protection equipment (PPE) for medical professionals working on the front line. Our hospitals and clinics are under equipped with protection garments. With our ability to quickly manufacture locally in the USA we can provide significant assitance to help our doctors, nurses, janitors and those having to work closest to patients infected with Covid-19. We have a talented team who's ready to use our skills in the fight against this deadly virus.

Emil Alvarez

A graduate of the Miami University oF Art and Design since 2001, Emil Alvarez has been actively working both locally for several south Florida designers and internationally as well.
His fashion illustrations have allowed him to undertake many design projects in categories such as women’s wear, men’s wear, costume design and event design.
His Knowledge of garment construction and product development has allowed him to consistently make his art into a
marketable and interesting point of communication between designer and client.
In 2006 he was invited as a guest designer in the illustrated text book “Twelve steps to the fashion figure” and has also taught visual art.
He now forms part of the Noble Team where he brings our design concepts to life.

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