About Noble Uniforms

We worked in factories, laundromats, and apprenticed with tailors, designers and manufacturers to learn the trade. We researched our craft learning from the founders of our industry how to define excellence in fashion.
We built Noble Uniforms on the virtues of craftsmanship.
Noble Uniforms produces cutting edge clothing custom made to represent the brand identity of corporations. 
By re-inventing the traditions of the corporate uniform, we design and manufacture functional garments inspired by preceding styles of past and present fashions. 
We create authentic pieces that mean something when you put them on. Much like artists of every medium, our designers see fashion within the context of life.
Our Noble Experiment reflects a period in American history when immigrants sought refuge in a country welcoming new people and new ideas, yet based in the knowledge and craft brought from the old country.
The Noble Experiment reminds consumers that it is indeed a privilege to dress in quality and style. Never forgetting its origin, Noble Uniforms takes fashion to the edge and then leaps.
The turn of the century in America fulfilled the dreams of millions and at Noble Experiment we are devoted to fulfilling the dreams of our clientele.
At Noble  we respect individuals and their limitless possibilities. We use expert tailors, the finest products and we maintain a focus on learning from the best that history has to offer.

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