About Ashley Liemer

Ashley is known throughout Miami Beach as the girl who can make almost anything happen. She will work through the night to deliver the promise of product to a diverse clientele. The client falls in love with the girl and then attaches because of the quality of her work.
Studying the art of glass blowing at the University of Miami and Majoring in Entrepreneurship, she is a triple threat when it comes to business, fashion and individuality.
Today she is a creative entrepreneur. She brings a creative eye to everything she does. She is a member of the Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA), the oldest trade organization in the United States. She learned her craft from apprenticing with tailors and accomplished designers such as Mika Inatome (www.mikainatome.com), of Manhattan.
In 2010 Ashley was hired to be the head tailor at Marks Quality Cleaners located on Miami Beach. (www.marksqualitycleaners.net) Gaining community respect as a tailor she used this as an opportunity to learn as much as possible. From the inside of the cleaners she built out her own private tailor-shop where she would first showcase and launch Noble Experiment, a clothing brand initially consisting of men’s tailored shirting and women’s evening gowns.
Ashley brings her vision to everything she does. She is quirky and unpredictable. She combines fine details of past and present. Not believing in shortcuts, she focuses on the quality of her garments. Today she is the founder of Dress Noble and Co-Founder of www.BillieBlooms.com
For Ashley, true happiness comes from seeing others happy by doing what she does best and using her talent to help others feel their best, look their best and simply be their best whenever and wherever it matters most.

Uniformly Noble...We believe in a priveledge to dress in quality and style. We create authentic garments, seeing fashion within the context of lifes limitless possibilities. Join our movement. Show us your uniform. Dress Noble.