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Posted: Mar 23 2012

We’re not here to judge.

If you happen to find yourself this weekend taking off your shirt and bumping fists with a few like-minded Europeans... so be it.

But come Monday, you’ll go back to wearing shirts. And jackets. And perhaps some cufflinks fashioned from fossil bones...

Meet Noble Experiment, a new sanctuary of seersucker suits and whiskey, now open in Miami Beach.

Your journey begins, naturally, inside Mark’s Quality Cleaners. There, you’ll seek a wood-frame door emblazoned with the initials “N” and “E”. Enter it. Then, you’ll find a den right out of There Will Be Blood—tobacco tins, plaid wool curtains, the occasional vintage tennis racquet. The kind of cozy joint where you can enjoy a spot of tea... and by tea we mean gin. (Or bourbon—they keep a couple bottles on hand.)

Next, you’ll meet Ashley, the comely tailoress who will guide you through a massive binder of standard fabric swatches for suits or button-downs. You also have the option of selecting a piece directly off the rack—maybe a suit jacket with camouflage lining or a striped bow tie. The kind of stuff you’d wear to drinks at the Broken Shaker or for dinner at the Soho Beach House.

One other thing: soon, you’ll find cufflinks made of woolly-mammoth bone and fossilized dinosaur excrement.

Maybe stick with the mammoth bone.

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